Wednesday, November 16, 2011

As On Twitter, So Goes My Blog

People Magazine has just released their annual List Of Hot Men and of course their list was horribly inaccurate, being oriented towards people who find blond muscly guys attractive. I don't like a) blonds or b) really muscly guys that much. So being a giving, public-service oriented sort of person, I fixed the list on Twitter, but just off the top of my head and so this is what I came up with:

1. Chris Pratt.
He's on Parks and Recreation and I just LOVE his character Andy. So dumb! So sweet!

2. Robert Downey Jr.

3. Joel McHale.

4. TJ Thyne.

5. Ryan Gosling.

6. Dylan McDermott. The picture at People Magazine's Sexiest Man page cannot be bested - it was compared on Twitter, quite correctly, to Chris Isaak's Wicked Game video, which we all know was the sexiest thing EVER.

7. Alan Rickman.

*fans self*

8. Brett From Flight of the Conchords.
9. Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords.

10. The kid who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies has grown up quite nicely.

11. Corb Lund.

12. Younger David Bowie.

13. Jake Shimabukuro.

14. Ralph Fiennes.

15. Brendan Fraser as he was in The Mummy and I realize that was a while ago, but DAMN.

16. Tom Selleck, now and forever.

Obviously, your tastes may vary. Who would go on YOUR list? Do you think People magazine got it right?


  1. I cannot get on board with Brendan Fraser because he wore eyeliner in one of his movies and ever since then I just can't take him seriously.

  2. Oh, Sue. Wearing eyeliner that one time only made Brendan Fraser more manly. But that's okay. I still love you and will borrow all your clothes.

  3. But - wait - what about Hugh Jackman?

  4. Tom Selleck?!?! Anyway, I guess he could be a part time model...but he probably should keep his normal job. As for the kid who played Neville Longbottom and Younger David Bowie, they could be airstewardessess in the sixties. I guess it depends on the street, you know?

  5. tom selleck, carter oosterhouse from hgtv, dick van dyke, pierce brosnan

  6. Neville! I know! I love him!

  7. Tom Selleck always and forever - word.

    Do you watch Bones? I love Bones!

  8. I like tall, skinny, funny-looking guys with big nosed. Hence, Adrien Brody is on my list now and forever.

    I may seem overly enthused here, but that's only because I've had too much coffee.

  9. Ok I will admit for me it is Harrison Ford!

  10. - James MacAvoy
    - Ewan McGregor
    - Matthew MacFadyen, but only as Mr. Darcy
    - Ryan Gosling
    - Robert Downey Jr.
    - Johnny Lee Miller
    - John Krasinski
    - Christian Bale, but only when shorn.

  11. Pierce Brosnan. Definitely Pierce Brosnan. Did I mention Pierce Brosnan?

  12. -Richard Armitage
    -James MacAvoy
    -Rupert Penny-Jones
    -Ray Stevenson
    -Lee Pace
    -Kevin McKidd
    -Gerard Butler in Dear Frankie-oh, the loveliness of him!

    Just realized I only have one American on my list! I did love Bradley Cooper in his series Kitchen Confidential, he was great in that.

  13. Hugh Jackman. Viggo Mortenson (who, come to think of it, has not done anything that I'm aware of in a long time. Off to google...)

  14. VIGGGOOOO how could I forget him? What an awesome suggestion.

  15. LOVE this list, and love the suggestions made by your readers. And since I've hit a blogging wall, I'm going to post my own list at my blog.

  16. I love Hugh Jackman. But I've never seen him act besides a Lipton Ice Tea commercial. But if someone could convince me to drink ice tea, it's him. But Mark Harmon will always have my heart :)

  17. but but but....conjunction junction, what's your function...I need to proof read.

  18. I'm going to post a list on my blog tomorrow. There may be some overlap. :)

  19. Yes to the other suggestions of Hugh Jackman.

    Colin Firth! and Richard Armitage. I swoon.

    However, my #1 sexiest man alive is a professional figure skater. EMBARRASSING.

    And we'll just have to agree to disagree on Ryan Gosling. I STILL do not see his appeal. But hey, I melt into mush when I watch a man in tight leather pants and ice skates dance across the ice, so what do I know?

  20. Well, I know it's not someone blond and/or muscly.

    I like tall, dark, sort of craggy-looking men. Hugh Jackman is good. And the Craig Ferguson type, from late night TV. That sort.

    But more than looks, I go for smarts and a sense of humor, which is why I also like Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Even though he isn't particularly gorgeous at all.


  21. I can't believe you all over-looked David Tennant!

  22. Even though he is a puke-face to women, George Clooney (SO OLD FOR ME). And RDJ should possibly be moved to #1. :)

  23. Oh my. A lot of these I've never seen before! You know, I never was a fan of Ryan Gosling until Crazy Stupid Love. WOWOWOWOWOWOW.

    I also would like to add: The Avett Brothers (both of them!) and Andy Samberg, and Javier Bardem.


  24. I love The Mummy. Love love love that film. Should I be ashamed?

    Also, I forgot Tony Leung Chiu Wai, especially in the film Hero.

  25. I think I need to blog this. But I just want to say, when I am down to my socks, you know it's business time.

  26. Okay, yes on Jemaine, no on Brett. I don't actually find that Brett has it going on. I guess I'm not needy for a weedy shy guy. But Jemaine? It's BUSINESS TIME.

  27. Tom Selleck now and forever, indeed. Ah, Jesse Stone.

  28. Ewan McGregor, a la Moulin Rouge. *sigh*

    Though, in Star Wars he also said "blast us into oblivion" was really cute too...

  29. jim parsons... forever. (if that name means nothing, you might recognize this one: dr. sheldon cooper)(still nothing?)(big bang theory)

    le enormous breathy swoonish sigh