Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Ideas for Husbands, Specifically MINE.

Bill is a prince among husbands, a fantastic guy all around - devoted, compassionate, hard-working - and if everyone was more like him, the world would be a better place unless you used bad fonts on a menu, in which case you'd probably be shot.

But what DOES one get a fine, artsy guy like that? The automatic lazy male defaults - sports stuff! beer products! socks! - would just make him sad.

You get him books like this: The Upset: Young Contemporary Art. That was easy.

He would also like the Sawvivor Saw for Christmas. 

Nothing says "Merry Chirstmas, Baby!" like a fine camping saw, I always say. NOTHING.

I WAS going to get him a copy of Cards Against Humanity, but they were sold out the day I was shopping. It would still be a dandy choice for him. He loves games like that.

Makey Makey


I also tend to get Bill soulful yet manly short story collections. This year's pick: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver.

I also got him a fine squishy old Irish guy hat, which the website no longer has but I bought it at Old Navy. GREAT CHOICE, ME.

He also loves Baileys so I tend to get him some of that in both drinkable and candy form. It's CHRISTMAS. Have both.

Another book! Shop Class as Soulcraft, just so he can feel justified in his lifelong insistence that it's very important that kids learn practical skills with their hands.

And that's it! That's all he's getting. It should be - I hope - a merry Christmas for him. And for you and your family, too. What are you getting YOUR husband/partner/self for Christmas this year?

(for more fun gift lists, check out Nicole's suggestions for Nicole and Nan's suggestions for Star Trek fans.)


  1. That sounds like a assortment of Christmas stuff you've arranged there. I especially like the saw.

  2. No powertools for my un-handy guy. He is getting lauara secord battleship chocolates

  3. Bailey's is the greatest, isn't it? It just screams Christmas. I have never had one in candy form though. Are they tasty? That banana thingie looks very fun.

    I usually get my husband golf balls. This year I got him noise-cancelling headphones! He's going to be stoked.

  4. My hubby is an electronics junkie and I have absolutely no clue what I will get him. I better get on it. Maybe a new 7 in 1 remote as his is having issues. I am totally un-tech-y so it could be a bit of a challenge in picking one. I could always fall back on socks because he LOVES to get new socks. LOL.

  5. Gym clothes. Not too exciting, but now that he's retired, that's what he needs.

    He goes through the work out clothes like crazy!

    Also got him a hand painted oak tree on barn wood. He's gonna love that thing.


  6. i keep running across that Makey Makey thing - man, that looks cool.

  7. Mine is getting a new scarf, having just lost his very favourite, the second Ken Follett book, a flask for when we go skating/sledding, and I'm making him bacon brittle. I'm not sure what else yet, but he did buy himself a small ladder.

  8. I have not gotten my husband anything yet. well, that's not true. I did just get him three new fleeces from Old Navy. Already gave then to him. Guess that doesn't count.

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